Weathered Siding Replacement

This western side of the house experienced high heat as well as rain. The particle-board siding becomes very vulnerable under these conditions without extreme care by the homeowner.

Here you can see some of the deterioration more clearly.

There was no building paper or house wrap behind the existing siding, so we installed some.

Here is the complete installation before painting.

Change in Window and Siding Repair

This was a double window, and because of interior remodeling, the owner wanted to remove one of the two windows. Here the window is removed, but the trim has not yet been removed.

The window trim was removed, the wall rebuilt on the inside, sheathing and house wrap installed, then (at the request of the owner) some leftover siding installed. The siding between the two windows was removed so that the siding seams could be staggered and the remodel invisible. Ready for paint.

Replacement of Rotted Sheathing and Shingles

The step in front of this door was not only a tripping hazard, but it was sloped back toward the house, leading to rot in the shingles, sheating, and the rim board behind it all.

I replaced the rotted rim board with pressure-treated lumber, overlaid it with building paper as well as galvanized flashing up underneath the remaining shingles, then new shingles. Here is is ready for priming and painting, which the owner wanted to do. I also put in a new landing that was more safe and sloped away from the house!

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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