Roof Repair and Ventilation
Shingle Replacement

Here the shingle tabs are missing, blown off in high winds.

Shingles replaced.

Temporary Leak Stoppage

There was a leak in this valley that was difficult to pinpoint. The roof was going to be replaced in a few months, so I just rerouted the water with this building paper. This would protect the rest of the house until the roof was replaced.

Chimney Flashing Repair

It appeared that the roof or house had settled differentially from the chimney, revealing gaps in the flashing.

Additional pieces of flashing were added to complete the water shed path around the chimney.

Roof Jack Restoration

This roof jack had leaks in the collar and was looking unsightly.

The collar was repaired, and the base sanded and painted.

Solar-Powered Attic Fan

To combat the heat during the long summer days and move more air during all days of the year we installed this solar-powered attic fan.

View from the attic. Click here to see a video of the fan in operation from inside the attic.

Ridge Vent System

This ridge opening was cut prior to installation of the ridge vent system.

The ridge vent system is hidden under the ridge cap shingles.

Downspout Move

This downspout was moved about 6 inches to allow the nearby storm door to fully open. The bottom of the downspout went through concrete and was not moveable.

To move the downspout away from the door we patched the previous downspout hole and created a new one.

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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