Raised Beds

First, the sod was removed from this area.

Cedar boxes with a seat railing were constructed and placed on a rim of gravel to encourage water drainage from the bottom of the box.

The beds were filled with soil.

The plants are the fruit of the owner's labor. In this photo you can also see the "Iron Mountain" stone walkway I set in gravel around and among the beds, as well as the re-used brick border adjacent to the driveway and the border blocks adjacent to the neighbor's yard.

More Wooden

These two beds were made for backyard gardening. This set has 6" wide seat railing for easier sitting while working in the garden.

This close-up view shows the detail of the construction and support.

Concrete Block

The first course is always the most important one to get right.

Some of these big blocks needed to be cut to tie in the corners and make the curved and stepped areas.

Work on the raised concrete block bed is done.

Here's how the owner put it to use.

Note that I am only licensed to put in structural landscaping elements. I do not have a landscaping contractors license and cannot put in vegetation for you.

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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