Examples of Other Types of Work
Shed Move

This shed was in the way when the neighbor built the fence.

We moved the fence 3 feet south (left) and the neighbor has since extended the fence past the shed.

To move the shed we used jacks and ...

...wooden rollers.

Closet Construction

At some point in the past there was a closet here, but it was mostly removed, leaving this oddly placed post and defects in the wood floor.

We put the closet back to solve several problems at once.

Another angle of before...

...and after.

Portable Air Conditioner Stand

This is a simple, foldable, storable, portable stand for the seasonal use of this air conditioner unit.

Repair of Piano Bench

The lid/seat on this piano bench was coming loose and not opening or staying open properly.

Several of the screw holes were stripped in the hinges. These were repaired and everything tightened up to work properly.

Tire Racks

These tire racks were built to accomodate 48 tires (wheels actually, fully inflated on rims).

Warehouse Shelves

These shelves were built along two walls to hold dozens of uniformly-sized file boxes.

The longer section.

Attic Ladders

This is how it looks, nicely trimmed on an interior ceiling.

This is the same ladder extended.

Here is one installed in a garage, but also trimmed to look a bit nicer than it would otherwise.

The same ladder (as photo on left) extended.


We needed to replace the drywall (gypsum) on these walls, so we examined the old insulation. It's R-value was in the single digits, so ...

...we installed new insulation to meet code and conserve energy.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Yes, there were some problem tiles in this office! While some tiles were just old and broken, a recent roof leak stained others.

About 50 tiles were replaced where there were problems. All tiles in this particular room were replaced.

Foil/Bubble Insulation on Heating Ducts

This was probably one of the most difficult sections of the ductwork to cover with the insulation.

Here is this section completed.

Here is another section with just the spacers installed.

Here is this section completed. The entire house involved many hundred feet of ductwork.

Commercial Dryer Vent Ducting

Can you follow the 60+ feet of dryer vent, up 20 feet then over 40 or more feet? No wonder they had trouble with lint backup! Oh, and the European Starling nest in the end of the ducting probably didn't help much either.

We moved the dryer to the left about 8 feet and routed the dryer vent a total of only about 30 feet, which we felt was much safer. The exit was much lower than the previous one and will be much less attractive to starlings for nesting.

Rat Barracades Around Ducting in Basement

The owner wanted to prevent rats from entering the basement laundry room, so we blocked up all known access.

This included the large opening you see covered in the photo to the left, as well as more difficult to block areas such as around this ductwork.

Anchors in Concrete

Concrete anchor through bottom plate over slab.

Concrete anchors holding down large air compressor in shop.

We wanted this kiln to maintain its position away from the wall, as well as not be tipped over, ...

so we anchored it in the concrete, through the finished floor.

Eight of these straps were required under a manufactured home in order for the prospective owner to get an FHA loan.

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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