Kitchen Cabinet Installation

FROM THIS. This is what the kitchen looked like when I was called. The homeowners had done the hard work of removing the previous cabinets, appliances, and most of the floor. They had already purchased cabinets. They wanted my help to put the kitchen back together, or rather, wanted me to put it back together with their help, to save money.

TO THIS. I retextured the walls and ceiling (smooth) and installed the cabinets and engineered walnut flooring. Another contractor put in the counter top. The homeowners assisted with all installation phases and did all the painting, electrical, and plumbing. They did a great job choosing colors and it all turned out beautifully! And, they saved about $2000 estimated costs!

The is me attaching cabinet boxes after leveling them.

Here is another view of this beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Both the upper and lower cabinets had previously been painted with exterior paint (!) and with no preparation or priming of the cabinet surface. Here you can see the paint flaking off the door and drawer faces of the base (lower) cabinets, making an eyesore and a mess.

I stripped the paint on the cabinet box exterior and constructed new door and drawer faces with decorative groove, edge, and handle. I also installed hidden hinges.

This shows the interior of a set of upper cabinets after stripping the box and sanding the interior.

The cabinet boxes were properly prepared, primed, and painted with two coats of high quality enamel paint. It really brightens up the inside of this cabinet, and will be durable for many years!

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

A couple views of a full tile backsplash (from counter top to bottom of wall cabinets)...

...with blue decorative tiles that match the cabinets and counter top.

Kitchen Undersink Repair

A long-term leak had deteriorated the bottom under the sink.

We removed the rotted portion, installed new wood, and added some vinyl and edging to prevent damage from future leaks.

Bath Remodel

Does this look a bit cold?

Does this look warm? Yes! I replaced the window, window casing, flooring, base molding, and repaired the walls for painting. The owners did an excellent job of removing the old flooring, installing new lights and plumbing fixtures, and painting.

Bath Repair

Yesiree, things were pretty bad here.

But after some wood replacement, drying time, drywall mud&tape, painting, and some rubber cove base, we're back in business!

This is a view of the stem wall at the head of the tub before repair. Yikes!

Hey, it doesn't look so bad now! That clamp was holding the cove base in place while the adhesive set up.

Bath Safety Hand-Hold

This hand-hold was installed just outside a shower.

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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