Garage Modification
Garage Expanded Forward

This is the original configuration from the front of the house. A remodel by a previous owner had taken up a few feet of the back end of the garage. The current owners now wanted to add some space to the front of the garage. The existing front overhang made it possible to expand the garage without changing the roof line.

We expanded the foundation out 4 feet, built the walls, and installed an engineered attic beam and the large garage header before removing the existing structure. Here you can see we went from a two-door garage to a large one-door garage opening.

The siding was woven in so the expansion did not look like an add-on.

While we were there we added some outside electrical (the little box on the near side). The final product, with all siding, trim, door, and paint, looks like it had always been part of the house.

A Garage Conversion to Living Space
Original Condition

The original garage was pretty typical: dark and attracting lots of stuff (all very valuable of course), spiders, and dust.

This is the old garage door, which didn't work quite right, but would shut. Here you can see the cinder block exterior wall construction in this house.

This is a view of the inside of the garage showing the door to the house.

This view shows the outside of the garage and the two original windows.


First we filled in the garage door and back door with concrete block.

Then we enlarged the two original window openings to accomodate a new door (left) and a large window (right).

We installed floor framing...

...and added insulation.

We did the plumbing, subfloor, wall framing, ceiling framing, more plumbing, and electrical.

Here I'm testing the solidness of the new ceiling joists! Not pictured are the window and door installation, more insulation, drywall and texturing, and attic insulation.

The New Living Space

This is a view of the completed new door and window. The small patio was added as well.

This is one view from the office area (there is an office and a utility), before move-in.

The office space is warm and comfortable, with natural light from a solar tube and large window.

The utility room provides a transition from gardening and other wet outside activity, and a warm place to take care of laundry!

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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