Fences & Gates

A double gate.

Fence with gate.

Small side gate.

"Good Neighbor" style fence with dog-eared boards.

Lattice top fence with stepped panels and matching gate.

On the same property we installed a 3-way gate associated with the cover. One gate was for walking access; the other two opened up wide for larger loads and equipment access.

Beyond function, the 3-way gate added a very nice feature between the garage and shed, visible from the front of the house.

Straight-on view.

A very simple, but practical and attractive fence that will last a very long time: made with pressure-treated framing and galvanized welded wire fence panels.

Here on slope with stepped panels. The owner later added metal post caps.

This gate was added to a back deck area, and was built to match the existing border along this side of the deck.

Here from the other side. Most of the original border fence is covered with grape vines.

This old fence and double-gate arrangment was well past its prime.

The replacement looked much better and was much easier to use for the owner.

Some folks just want their old fences and gates fixed up "so they work." This gate was not latching properly, but was working like new when I left.

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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