Drywall & Painting
Ceiling Repair and Finishing

A roof leak had let water soak the ceiling and ruin the paint job. After repairing the roof leak...

I removed unstable paint, filled the slight imperfections, primed, and painted with color-matched paint containing mildewicide.

Again, a roof leak had led to water pooling on the drywall, then soaking through to discolor the ceiling. After fixing the roof leak (important to do this first!)...

I filled the slight imperfections, textured, primed, and painted with color-matched paint. In both of these cases I did not need to replace the drywall. In other cases, the leak had not been fixed right away, the drywall had become too soft to leave in place, and so needed to be replaced.

The ceiling in this downstairs area was opened up when the forced air ducting was installed, but was not finished.

I closed it up and smoothed it, ready for painting.

Wall and Door Touch-Up

Someone put in a new door and trim that didn't cover the area covered by the previous trim.

Once sanded and smoothed, primed, and painted with a color-matched paint, it looks as good as new!

Exterior Trim Painting

The owner was not fond of the bright blue trim on his newly bought house.

So we went for a very neutral and nice white.

More bright blue, here on the garage trim.

Now white.

Exterior Wall Prep

The owners had been incrementally restoring this early-century house, and they asked me to prepare this wall for painting.

Because of the lead-based paint, we used "lead-safe work practices" to remove existing paint; here half-way done.

Here the wall and all trim is primed and ready for a top coat.

New exterior trim was also put on the window, here primed.

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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