Concrete & Masonry
Concrete Walks and Patios

This small patio/walk was added to the side of the newly converted garage to allow non-muddy access during rainy months.

Here is a quarter-round front porch among a broader front patio/driveway area.

This is another view of the quarter-round front porch showing the path to the sidewalk and the raised planter under construction.

This concrete walk with round-out designs skirts the edge of the house.

Walkway from Driveway to Front Porch

The area to have the walkway was already torn up a bit, so we cleaned it up, formed it, and poured the concrete.

Here is the final product.

Concrete Walk Extension and Surface Match

This walkway was extended out from its original location, and a side path added to a disjunct concrete patio.

It was requested that the "new" concrete match the previous surface texture (worn to look like exposed aggregate). New concrete is on the left.

Cleaning of Unfinished Stone Walkway Job

Another contractor had installed this stone and mortar walkway. It seems to have been constructed adequately, but the finish was sloppy and/or never completed, with overruns of concrete and plenty of film on the stones.

Here it looks much better all cleaned up.

Door Landings

This landing had a funky board screwed over it where it met the door threshold because underneath was poorly finished concrete. The board was removed, concrete cleaned, holes filled, and brushed to match the existing. The landing/foundation/door junction was thoroughly caulked to prevent water damage. Over time the new and old concrete will become similar in color.

This landing was added after partly removing a poorly constructed step (which routed water to the side of the house!). This new landing routes water away from the house! :-)


This was a foundation for a garage expansion. Here the forms and hold-downs in place. Footing was poured previously.

The foundation complete, with forms removed.

Concrete Driveway Crack Sealing

The owner wanted all major cracks sealed, which required a number of different approaches to make them last as long as possible.

The final result should keep the weeds out for a number of years.

Chimney and Fireplace Removal

I started at the top. Scrap pieces of carpet were laid on the roof to protect the composition shingles.

I worked my way through the attic and into the house interior, temporarily shingling the roof.

Here working all the way down through the floor to under the house.

Once the fireplace is completely removed, the floor needs to be built up again. Here I'm putting in subfloor using the same material as the original so the thickness and behavior are consistent.

Chimney Cap Removal and Replacement

This was the weathered, cracked, and detached chimney cap.

After removing the old, here is the newly placed chimney cap.

Brick Step Repair

The bricks that formed the "rise" on this step had all come loose, becoming a potential walking hazard. In the process of repair they were easily removed by hand.

After cleaning the bricks and concrete slab underneath, we used white mortar to repair and match the remainder of the brick work.

Matthew G. Hunter
General Contractor and Handyman
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