Cabinets and Finish Carpentry
Custom Built-in Trapazoidal Cabinet

This was the space before, with a trapazoidal footprint (look at ceiling/wall lines to see shape).

Here the cabinet fills the space. The cabinet is constructed of birch plywood, poplar hardwood, and finished with polyurethane.

Here is the inside of the cabinet, showing the fixed middle shelf, and two adjustable shelves each on top and bottom sections.

Custom Built-in Storage and Security Cabinet

This cabinet was built to have the beautiful oak visible on the outside and the cleanable melamine on the inside.

The top section has a free-opening door. The bottom section was fit with a code-operated lock.

This is a close look at the side of the cabinet.

Here is a close look at the detail: door edging, handles, and close tolerances of the flush door.

Custom Maple Range Hood Cover

The angles and miters on this hood cover were a challenge, but the result is a beautiful addition and compliment to this beautiful maple kitchen.

This is a look up from underneath.

Custom Maple TV Stand

Here many of the pieces are laid out to check fit. It was built with "biscuits" so no screw or nail holes or plugs were visible.

Gluing the edge pieces on this elongated hexagonal table was a bit of a challenge, so it was done in stages.

The final product (minus the shelves) before finishing. The owner wanted to finish the piece herself to save some money.

Here is the final piece, in use. All three shelves are adjustable. Maple was chosen to match the flooring in the owners house.

Custom Cherry Trimmed Room

This private office was trimmed with custom milled cherry, from the window trim, to door casing, to base molding.

This is a bit closer photo of same window, showing "stool" and "apron" at bottom of window.

The top piece of this casing was shaped to reflect the shape of the ceiling/wall junction (not visible in this photo).

Close-up of the window trim detail. Note that no nail holes are visible, because very few were used.

One corner of the cherry door casing. In these photos, the cherry had only received a single sealing application of polyurethane. The cherry was further finished and is expected to darken with age.
Remove Shelf and Closet, Finish Walls

This overhanging shelf and tiny closet were not wanted by the owner, who was soon to move in.

The closet was removed, the shelf was taken back flush with the wall, the drywall finished and textured to match the existing wall, and a decorative trim board added to the edge of the ledge to give definition.

Crown Molding
This is a simple cove pattern crown molding, stained to match the existing trim on nearby door casing.
Pre-primed MDF or Painted Wood Trim

Doors, window, and base.

Doors, window, and base.

Ledge edge and base.

Window jambs, casing, and base.

Closet Shelving

Melamine shelving; a mix of fixed and adjustable.

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